Time to move on

​You know it’s time to move on when you’ve said it all, when you’ve waited long enough for things to change, when you’ve given more than one chance and when you’ve been holding onto hope rather than reality.
You know it’s time to move on when you’re repeatedly faced with the same problems, the same mistakes and the same pain. When you realize that you’re the one allowing yourself to be in this vulnerable position. A position that keeps you stuck in the same vicious cycle because you don’t want to let go. Because your hope is replacing and clouding your wisdom.
You know it’s time to move on when you can’t control someone’s emotions anymore, when you can’t make them see what they choose to be blinded to, when you can’t make them feel half of what you’re feeling and when you can’t help them realize what they might lose.
You know it’s time to move on when they don’t care about losing you.
You know it’s time to move on when you’ve done everything that is humanely possible so you can only have faith in God and the universe. Believe that maybe this where you need to be in your life right now and this is what you need to be going through; whether single or heartbroken or sad or confused or scared or lost. Believe in the funny way life starts making sense when things fall apart and the funny way God takes something good away from you to bring you something exponentially better.
You know it’s time to move on when you don’t have anything more to give, when you’ve offered all your love and your strength to someone, when you’ve really tried wholeheartedly to be everything they need and add value to their life but nothing you do seems to add up to what they truly want and there’s really nothing you can do about that.
Sometimes things remain the same because we need to change ourselves.
We need to practice self-love, we need to learn how to move on, how to let go, how to believe in something better and we need to realize that we will not get everything we wished for and maybe that’s a blessing.
You know it’s time to move on when you’ve tried your hardest 

George Ramon


What am I to you

Sometimes I wonder,

what I am to you.

Am I a stranger?

with some of your secrets

and some of your past.

Am I a just a friend?

Do your friends make you

feel this way?

Do they look at you,

the way I do?

Do they secretly think about you

before they go to sleep

and wish you loved them back?
Or am I someone you love?

But you’re afraid of what’s inside,

you’re afraid of what I might see.

you’re afraid you’d never find

what you want in me

Or maybe you’re afraid of falling

and getting broken.

Am I real to you?

Or am I just a dream?

I wonder what I am you

  • #Ramon George

Sometimes I wonder 

Sometimes I wonder why we drift away from people. How does it happen? How do we prepare ourselves for it?
Sometimes I wonder where it all goes. The lengthy conversations, the secrets, the kisses, the tender words, the love.Where do they all go?
Sometimes I wonder if it makes sense. Losing people who kept you breathing, losing people who made you smile, losing people who touched your heart.
Sometimes I wonder why good things end. How can the world be so cruel? Why do things end too soon? Why do they end before they even begin? Why do they end when you’re still not done writing the story?
Do we sabotage them? Is it the universe? Is it their problem? Is it ours?
They tell you to move on, they tell you not to think about it, they tell you it is what it is, they tell you to just forget, but how do you move on from your life? How do you move one from something that was a part of you? How do you move on from yourself?
How do you tell people that you can’t move on because you don’t have anywhere else to go? Where do you go when you move on? What’s on the other side?  What if it’s not for you?
Because sometimes the other side of life is not really the kind of life you want. You don’t want loneliness and fighting your demons alone, you don’t want casual dates, you don’t want to kiss strangers, you don’t want to play games and you don’t want your life to be all about your work or all about yourself.
Even if it’s beautiful, even if it’s everything you need to grow, even if people tell you that this is the best thing you can ever do for yourself…but what if it’s not for you?
Because you see beauty in romance, in real love, in intimacy, in growing old with the one you love and you see so much cruelty in loneliness, in too much independence, in coming home to an empty bed and waking up alone.
What if this is not the life you signed up for? How do you quit? How do you say to life ‘I just can’t do this anymore?’ How do you fight when you don’t have a shield?
It’s unfair. When you’ve seen heaven but now you have to live in hell, when you’ve had the best but now you should settle for okay and when you’ve found your heart but now you’re supposed to live without it.

sometimes am even afraid to love. 
Sometimes I wonder if things truly ever end, or if they just keep on living inside us — killing us slowly. 😕😔




Decade ago

About a decade ago I laid my eyes on the most beautiful thing between earth and the sky.Her movement were choreography they taught the butterflies in my stomach to dance ,I was wowed by her body.So it wasn’t enough for me to witness those curves that seemed to be molded by something divine. I just knew I had to get inside of her and I did..I cherished her ,I showered her diligently to wash her the mess she had indulged the day before she was gorgeous, and she was mine.

Although a day will come where stretch marks will make their home on her waist ,I chose her .And if still I haven’t found the value in her ,I haven’t looked enough cause what God said is good is Good enough.

By the grace of God decades from now I will arise and lay my eyes upon the most beautiful thing between the earth and the sky .We will stare into each others souls praise for the new treasures of the new wrinkles and old faces we beheld for a lifetime

And in the altar standing before the one who joined us together in the beginning, and though time will have it’s way on her bones she will ask do you George Ramon still take me as your new dream come true everyday until death so us apart and my new response like my old response will always be ..I DO



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The day my eyes took flight on your absence.

I just want to tell the truth.

I will always remember the day my eyes took flight and landed on your presence. Its finally time for me to be transparent.

From the day you came into my life, my heart started to tap dance on the wall of my chest ,I wanna hold you soo tight to the point we don’t have to communicate because our hearts will be doing the talking for us.I want us to be close that when we gaze at each others eyes, our souls will be always be tangled to each other. I wanna be close to you that our lips can dance in between each other as if we have rehearsed .
#Ramon George